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  • Retro Reflective reference targets for structured light scanners
  • For upto 11 Retro reflective 6mm targets and even more 3mm targets
  • Set of 12 Dice per case
  • Magnetic attachment point or M4 thread 
  • For quick attachment and easier scan preparation
  • Chamfered bottom minimizes data loss
  • Perfect for application with or without vanishing AESUB Sprays


AESUB Dice - These lightweight dice not only enhance the efficiency of 3D scanning for complex objects but also reduce the reliance on reference points.


Reference points are essential for capturing intricate details, but challenges arise when markers can’t be used due to an object’s small size or delicate surface.


Additionally, achieving excellent scans with fewer reference points is key, particularly when dealing with art rotation or multiple different views during scanning.


Even when scanning an object on a table surface, simply position a few of the AESUB Dice around your object to significantly improve your workflow.

AESUB dice

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