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AESUB Diamond is a vanishing spray/aerosol for surface matting for optical digitization (3D scanning), ideal for all common digitization and measurement systems. AESUB diamond is a cutting-edge solution tailored for the jewellery industry with ultra thin application and quick vanishing times.


Using AESUB Diamond, a temporary, optically ideal surface is created to quickly and precisely capture even complex surfaces (transparent, translucent, reflective,..). AESUB Diamond forms an ultra thin white homogeneous, grip-resistant layer with 2 μm thickness on which even reference points adhere. AESUB Diamond is free of pigments, evaporates quickly and completely after application (within 15-30 mins) . Subsequent cleaning of the scan objects is thus no longer necessary. 



AESUB Diamond Scanning Spray 400ml Can

  • Additional delivery fees may apply if shipping destination is outside major city centers or if shipping cost exceeds the standard shipping charge.

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