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    Scanning Spray Applications


    Whether transparent, reflective parts or elements with indentations - scanning sprays have numerous areas of application:

    • Automotive

    • Mechanical and Plant Engineering

    • Aerospace

    • Energy sector

    • Architecture

    • Sculptural Design / Art

    • Research and Development

    • Much, much more

    "Even when using the most modern scanners, in many applications it is necessary to use matting agents in order to achieve good contrast values and thus precise measurement results."

    AESUB - the new revolutionary scanning spray. AESUB helps to digitize reflective and transparent surfaces. It evaporates after the 3D scan. No more mess, no more cleaning, easy to apply, thin layer, super quality - state-of-the-art scanning spray!


    AESUB Sprays enable faster, more efficient and more accurate 3D scanning processes.

    AESUB orange, AESUB blue and AESUB green are volatile, self-cleaning scanning sprays that produce ideal, homogeneous coverage. Even reference points can be glued to the layer.


    AESUB White is a residual scanning spray that creates an extremely thin, homogeneous layer without titanium dioxide.